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  • Alchemy

    After the Cataclysm most components for alchemical items became quite rare, however there are a few commonly available alchemical items such as [[Pyrathium]] and [[Dragonfire]].

  • Pyrathium

    Pyrathium is a drug produced by alchemists, it is made by reacting purified [[Pyraethior extract]] extract with [[Spirits of salt]] to produce a solid and more water soluble form of the extract. Pyrathium is typically sold for about 1000 gp per pound …

  • Dragonfire

    Dragonfire jars are small clay jars filled with highly flammable liquid that is usually alcohol, turpentine, or occasionally volatile liquids distilled from petroleum. They have a tallow soaked rope that will burn for 5 minutes that is tied around the jar …

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